Monday, 29 July 2013

Essential Business Services that most SMEs don't have in-house

Branduin has a number of team members with extensive experience and overlapping skills. Some of these essential services are unavailable in-house for smaller businesses. Using Branduin's pool of expertise can help SMEs compete with larger companies.

Ronald Monjack has expertise in manufacturing sales & marketing, UK & Far East.
  • Cost Control
  • Manufacturing Sourcing
  • Short and medium term sales strategy
  • Exit strategy if required
Rukhsar Ahmed specialises in Direct Marketing and eCommerce Fulfilment.
  • Direct & online marketing strategy
  • e-fulfilment and logistics support
  • Contact centre support
  • Lead generation
Graeme Harrowell is an order fulfilment expert - mail order / eCommerce.
  • Database management and list sourcing
  • Direct mail / Telemarketing / Email & sms marketing
  • Order fulfilment
Roy O'Neil works with sales, marketing and executive teams to increase revenues and improve performance.
  • Developing winning business strategies
  • Sales training, coaching & mentoring
  • Improving selling skills, sales tools & processes
  • Facilitating sales, marketing & strategic planning workshops
Neal Basson will help businesses manage, plan and write winning bids & tenders.
  • Bids & tenders process consulting
  • Bid management
  • Authoring, editing and proofing services
  • Bid personnel recruitment
  • Bid Writing training
Branduin has a number of Business Support Consultants to support your business.
Tel: 020 3195 7988

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Marketing, Design & Print Services to SMEs

Working well together to deliver marketing, design and print projects are husband & wife, Angus & Nicola:

Angus Ryall: < click for full details

  • Offers design and fast-turn around production services 
  • Provides outsourced production service (advertising agencies / marketing consultancies)
  • Design & Print production.

Nicola Ryall: < click for full details

  • Marketing strategy: one, three or five year plans
  • Branding, design & copywriting
  • Lead generation: converting leads into business.

Branduin has a number of Marketing Advisers to support your business.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Website Advice and Expertise from the Branduin Team

Ensure that your website is performing as well as it can in Google searches. Website Advice & Expertise from the Branduin Team, including SEO/SEM services and training clients to manage their own Social Media.

Ian Lockwood &
Robert Deans,
< < < < < Nottingham.

Barbara Primrose,
Hertfordshire. > > > > >

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Energy Costs: Don't get caught in the wrong contract

Small Business Owners have to have expertise in all areas so here is some help if you are concerned about your current energy contract: Energy Supplier Contract Roll-overs explained.

Are you aware of new rules regarding automatic rolling over of contracts? Do you know which supplier offers the best deal for your needs? We can help you.

Branduin has expertise in the areas of contracts for energy, telecomms, etc. Our aim is to assist small business owners to grow and maximise their profits. Find out more about Branduin Business Support.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Using Case Studies to Support Tenders

In your business, do you submit tenders or bids for work?

On our website, we have some guidelines to help you. They cover the following structure for case studies to accompany your tender.
  1. Summary
  2. Background to the customer
  3. Who was involved?
  4. The problems and how you tackled them
  5. Outcomes and impact
  6. What could we have done better?
  7. Next steps
  8. Further information
  9. Key learning points 
Feel free to use our Case Studies Template for your bids and tenders.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Branduin Business Support Advisors

Introducing just a few of the Branduin Business advisors.

Janet Woodjetts is a specialist in the development of people and business, particularly effective interpersonal communication and the retail sector.
• Retail coaching & operational support
• Performance coaching – team & individual
• Management & leadership development programmes
& more... visit Janet on the Branduin website advisors' page.

Lee Walsingham specialises in training. Tailored to each client, training is interactive and enjoyable yet delivers on the essentials - positive improvements in the workplace.
• In-house training – tailored to your needs
• Coaching and mentoring
• Recruitment support
& more... visit Lee on the Branduin website advisors' page.

Dave Millet is an expert in telecoms and will help companies invest in the most appropriate telecoms, as an independent broker to help clients resolve issues such as:
• Improve customer service
• Support increasing mobility of employees
• Build in flexibility for expansion / contraction of organisations
• Provide a business continuity option or reduce telecoms costs.

Peter Ellis is an expert in improving operating processes, designing new business processes or upgrading existing ones to achieve the company's objectives, using proven methods to review, map, analyze, model and develop processes as appropriate.
• Business Process: Define, Map, Design, Optimize
• Performance: Measure, Control, Manage, Maintain
• Business Process Re engineering (BPR)

Branduin Business Support advisors each have their own range of specialist areas plus a broad experience of running a company as our consultants successfully manage their own businesses. Learn more about us at or pick up the 'phone and call 020 3195 7988.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Business Clinics for Wandsworth and Sussex, April and beyond!

1-2-1 Business Clinic, Wandsworth.
Confidential, one-to-one Business Advice in South London with an experienced business advisor, 9th April. Bookable 1 hour slots.

1-2-1 Business Clinic, Sussex.
Confidential, one-to-one Business Advice in Burgess Hill with an experienced business advisor, 16th April. Book 1 hour slots.

Business owners and MDs often need a sounding board to focus their thoughts, strategies and decisions. A one hour session with a Branduin Advisor can be the solution. Find out more at