Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Helping you and your Business Objectives

Branduin works with business owners and MDs to identify what they want their business to achieve for them.

We have developed specific programmes aimed at meeting our clients’ long term aspirations. These programmes include our unique GMap Programme™ (Goal Mapping & Achievement), our MD Personal Support Programme™, Directors Group Support Programme™ and our Business Asset Protection Programme™.

We have also set up our own Business MOT Centre™ (more about this in the next blog) designed to provide companies with an objective ‘snap shot’ of their effectiveness across a range of business areas and to deliver recommendations to improve performance.

Unlike many agencies however, we do not walk away when our recommendations are made – we help owners and MDs address the immediate issues facing their business and can provide specialist resources to ensure that their needs are met.

We're not afraid to publish our very reasonable fees, either. Browse our web site or just call direct: 020 3195 7988

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Testimonial to Branduin Business Support Services

This client testimonial refers to Branduin's Founder and MD, Steve Forey:

"Steve has been our Business Adviser for 10 years and has provided invaluable practical support and advice which has helped us to build our turnover and profitability significantly during that time.

Steve has personally provided us with support to set up financial management systems and to draw up a business plan whose goals and objectives still guide us today. He was responsible for managing the introduction of our first website approximately 8 years ago and identified the correct website designer to ensure the site was launched effectively.

He has also provided us with Sales & Marketing advice and has delivered personal sales training to staff which has improved their ability to follow up sales leads.

His experience and knowledge in terms of Employment Legislation and best HR practice has also provided us with a useful ‘safety net’ when staffing issues have arisen.

On a personal note I have always found Steve to be an excellent sounding board for ideas and I have always felt comfortable discussing confidential details of the business with him.

Steve has also been able to introduce us to a number of specialist consultants to help with issues as diverse as IT and Management training."

Craig Gargan, Managing Director Middlesex Flooring: