Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Branduin's Football Focus

Branduin provided business advisory services to 3 Chief Executives of Queens Park Rangers Football Club for over 4 years.

Formed in 1882 by the old boys of Droop Street Board School, the team became Queens Park Rangers in 1886 during a merger.

The original players were members of the St Jude's Institute as they used this as the club headquarters and, in the early days, were known as St Judes. When they merged with another team, Christchurch Rangers, most of the players came from the district of Queens Park.

More than a century later, Branduin assisted the Club to access grant funding to support marketing activity then each Chief Executive asked Branduin’s Managing Director to work with them on a regular basis to provide outsourced business support for a variety of projects.

These included:

  • redrafting of presentations to Local Authorities to gain planning permission for a new stadium,
  • outsourcing of corporate hospitality sales (which led to a 40% increase in revenue), investigation of the financial structure of the Madjeski stadium building project,
  • marketing of facilities on non-match days,
  • reviewing staff roles and management structure,
  • carrying out initial interviews for new staff,
  • providing customer service training to ‘front line’ staff, and
  • reviewing sales and marketing activity.

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Tips for Managing the Apprentice

If you're running a small business and you've appointed an apprentice, he or she will almost certainly not be as irritating as the in-mates on the TV programme but what do you do to ensure that both you and the apprentice achieve best results?

1. Before the Appointment
  • know what you want to achieve 
  • ensure staff are competent and fully briefed 
  • set out a personal learning plan for the apprentice with benchmarks 
  • check whether any government funding may be available at

2. The Interview
  • make it clear what the job is 
  • what is expected of the candidate 
  • what the long term prospects are.

3. Management
  • clear management 
  • good attitudes from other staff members 
  • regular feedback and reviews

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