Friday, 28 January 2011

Internet Presence and Website Promotion for SMEs

How to Improve traffic to your website without advertising by Author: Bee

Internet presence is a powerful marketing and sales tool. Without it, the potential success of your future business is considerably reduced. There are different levels of exposure on the Internet and different reasons for having a web site, which may be the equivalent of an information brochure or may be the sole source of sales.

Let's assume that you have a web site, that the design looks good and the site functions as it should. If your web site is a promotional or sales tool for your company, this is where your head of marketing needs to have Internet marketing experience or access to someone who does.

Website promotion: the main goal of Internet marketing is exposure. Google remains the Search Engine of choice and all web site owners want a page one 'organic results' position. The alternative is to appear on page one with a pay-per-click Google-ad.

There are many contributing factors to gaining a good ranking on Search Engines. Historical presence is one, others include optimised content and high value inbound links.

Optimising content requires good writing skills coupled with optimising experience and some industry knowledge. Researching successful competitor sites can often be a source of inspiration. A knowledge of html will enable the code to be optimised - page title, image title and tags, H1 headers, etc.

Inbound links may be from listings (usually low value) or relative sites (high value). An Internet Marketing specialist will target a number of ways to generate links from anchor-text keywords on popular sites. A link from a high ranking page helps your site's ranking, especially if it contains similar content to your site and is linked from a word or phrase that is significant to your site content as an anchor-text keyword.

Ways to build good quality links to your website include writing for and linking from informative business blogs (like this one) that provide good content on the same subject, also submitting interesting articles (like this!) to various internet publishing sites.

Whilst much of the search engine ranking process is automated, it is driven by human actions. If your site is interesting and therefore popular with human users, it will ultimately be recognised as such by Search Engines.

As an alternative or complementary tactic, PPC is a matter of the advertising budget being diverted from, say, local newspapers or market-sector magazines to Google or other Internet advertisers.

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Part of the Branduin team, Barbara Primrose writes articles and blogs and manages social media for clients, helping to promote their products or services information to potential clients via the Internet.

Steve Forey, Branduin
Branduin focuses on business support to SMEs, ranging from owner-managed to medium-sized national and international companies whose Directors have identified a need for aspects of their business: sales, marketing, finance, etc.; personnel motivation and goal mapping; business strategy; out-sourcing; consultancy, grant funding ... and so much more.


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Case Study: Logistics - client tenders and marketing support

Branduin were asked to help SAE Logistics respond to an invitation to tender from one of their main blue-chip customers. Marcus Eden-Ellis, Branduin’s tender expert, helped SAE develop and enhance the policies that were required as part of the bid and also worked closely with the SAE team to produce the bid document.

SAE were also advised to upgrade some of their customer literature and to revamp their website in order to create an improved image. The result was highly positive – SAE had submitted by far the best bid and they retained the work.

Since the tender bid, the Branduin team has been engaged to carry out buyer research on SAE’s behalf which resulted in a number of new leads and has enabled them to sharpen their marketing messages - we are also working with them on Internet promotion to improve their search engine ranking.

Branduin now meet with SAE on a regular basis to act as a sounding board for ideas and to provide confidential advice to the Managing Director, Richard Bousfield. Branduin's Business Support Services could benefit you -