Thursday, 16 June 2011

What kind of Business can Benefit from a Business MoT?

Every kind of business can benefit from a Business MoT but Branduin specialises in smaller businesses because that's where our Business Support team has expertise.

To resolve issues in one area often requires knowledge of all aspects of the business, as they are inter-linked. Branduin's MD, Steve Forey, is one of Branduin's wholistic business specialists. Previously a director of Business Link, Steve has assisted numerous companies to achieve their business goals.

The Branduin concept gives access to specialists who have proven track records in their various fields of business so, depending on the outcome of your MoT, we can offer further support where it's most required.

What is a Business MoT?

The Business MoT is a 'snapshot' of the effectiveness of each of the business areas in your company. It is designed to highlight which bits 'do you proud' and which areas need addressing, thus enabling the company to improve its overall performance.

What are the Benefits?

Benefits can range from cutting costs to raising income and profits, perhaps by improving quality control, improved marketing and sales or a number of other issues.

What to do next?

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