Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Marketing Information - Direct Mail Tip #2

Comparing paper mail with electronic mail:

Creating direct mail using the traditional methods of paper and envelopes can be time-consuming, purchasing stamps can be costly.

Let's say you want to send information to 200 clients or potential clients; this involves the cost of printing ink, paper and envelopes plus time to fold and stuff each letter into each envelope, seal them, label or address them, frank them or stick stamps on them... The cost of this process exceeds £1 per letter.

Alternatively, you can follow our Direct Mail Tip #1 and save yourself both time and money.

Using an electronic mail system involves creating the newsletter and uploading/maintaining contact details (often in spreadsheet format) for the system to manage - and a major advantage is tracking. A good system will keep you informed of when the mail has been delivered and opened - and will advise if the recipient wishes to unsubscribe.

Direct mail and newsletters are an effective way for small businesses provide information to potential clients and to keep existing clients informed. Branduin Business Support has a range of services that SMEs may find useful.

Meanwhile, here are some online direct mail services you can try:

Monday, 21 November 2011

Save Time & Money - Direct Mail Tip #1

For advocates of Traditional Direct Mail Letters by Post:

Creating direct mail in-house can be labour-intensive and printer ink, stationery and stamps can be costly. The cost of sending letters to clients or potential clients is more than £1 per letter.

Once you have prepared your letter and address database, you can reduce your production and mailing costs by up to 75% by using a reliable agency that specialises in direct mail. All you have to do is upload the required letter and addresses to a secure website and let someone else print, process and post them for you. Full details in our latest business support newsletter.

(Tip #2)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Sporting Chance

Sports company, RW Golf, approached Branduin Business Support for help to create and launch a website within a 2-week time frame in order to build on the momentum of some third party publicity relating to their new innovative golf training method.

In addition to sourcing a website designer to meet the tight deadline, Branduin recommended additional high-value low-cost local marketing to further capitalise on activities and attract new clients. Branduin was also able to obtain grant funding for RW Golf, off-setting some of the costs of developing their marketing plan.

Branduin's Business Support Services can provide information and assistance to small businesses to help them compete against larger companies.

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