Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Goal Mapping for Business Owners and Senior Directors

Branduin Goal Mapping & Achievement Programme™ (GMap™)

Who would benefit from GMap™?

  • Business owners, partners and senior directors of small to medium sized companies - who often wear a number of 'hats' during the daily running of their business. Management decisions, financial pressure and 'fire fighting' can be so time consuming that longer term business and personal aspirations are seldom assessed.

What would the benefits be?

  • A re-evaluation of personal goals and business goals - and how to achieve them. Branduin has a proven ten year track record of working with owners and directors; the unique GMap™ Programme has been developed to identify top executives' aspirations in line with their business objectives and produce a ‘road map’ of how to reach those goals.
  • A focus on the important, relevant issues that drive the business and its driving force. GMap™ is not a solution, rather a tailored consultation based on proven templates.

How much will a GMap™ consultation cost?

An initial GMap™ consultation is provided free of charge and free of any further commitment or obligation. Set aside some time to focus your mind - or simply satisfy your curiosity. Take the next step by completing the GMap™ contact form.

Friday, 6 January 2012

SMEs: Choosing A Website Designer

One of the first questions a website design company is asked by a prospective client is: How much does a website cost? 

The response could be: The same price as a trip to Paris.

Whilst a flight, five star hotel and gourmet meals may be what you envisage, this could run into hundreds or thousands of pounds whereas the cost of a day trip via Eurostar is all you are prepared to invest. 

There's no challenging the fact that you could always do with a bigger budget so where do you start to look for comparable quotations? You can start by considering the Branduin Team - a network of small business services, some of which offer website design.

In no particular order, here are their profiles:

  • Sean Butler provides small to medium sized companies with cost effective website design, build and enhancement services. He is adept at creating eye-catching websites that fit perfectly with the image that each client wants to project to their target audience. Sean's programming team are able to turn designs into user friendly, easy to navigate websites.
  • David Slaughter's aim is to offer businesses simple, professional and affordable website design services. Before taking on any project they work closely with prospective clients to understand their exact needs in order to propose the best bespoke solution. His virtual team of UK designers and developers work with companies nationwide to create and manage their online presence. Pricing for a straightforward website starts from as little as £150 for the first page plus £30 to £60 for additional pages.
  • Danny Bermant's company specialises in growing businesses online - if website visitors can't tell at a glance what you are selling or if they can't find what they are looking for, they will go to your competitors. Danny specialises in creating websites that work for your business and ensures that your site can easily be found on search engines, is designed to convert visitors into customers, will help build your relationship with clients and potential clients and provide incentives for repeat business. Danny will make sure he understands your business requirements and who you are targeting, then he can work on your online strategy, including iPhone apps and email marketing.
  • Barbara Primrose will advise and guide small businesses regarding their internet presence, in line with their available budget. She can design and create simple but effective bespoke websites and is also able to provide powerful client-updateable (cms) websites, if required, including online shops. As a specialist in website promotion, Barbara will ensure that your website includes all basic optimisation and will discuss the benefits of regular promotional activities.

The Branduin Team can also help SMEs with a range of other services, including: Business Developments, MD Support, Marketing, PR, Financial Management, Retirement Planning, Training/Coaching, Franchising/Licensing, Accounting/Tax Consultancy, Leadership Development, Recruitment, Branding, Graphic Design, Bids & Tenders, Events Management, First Aid & Safety Training, IT, HR, H&S, ISO, Sales, Advertising, Company Valuations.

Contact Branduin - and make 2012 a successful year for your business.