Monday, 16 July 2012

Business advice: 5 Telecoms tips

1. Check the Contract very carefully. Be careful not to lock yourselves into a 60 month contract as Telecoms costs tend to go down over time, rather than up. Pay particular attention to cancellation charges.

2. 'Cheap' doesn't always reduce your costs. Look deeper behind advertised tariffs - are calls charged per second or rounded up per minute? What do they charge for 0845, overseas or mobile numbers?

3. Bundles - don't pay for features that you don't need.

4. Paying for latest technology - don't be tempted to sign long contracts to reduce payments as technology is invariably out of date in under 18 months.

5. Make it easy for Clients to connect to you. People calling you want to be answered quickly and don't want it to be expensive. Calls to 0844/45 or even 0800 can be expensive from a mobile 'phone; callers required to listen to a message or press keys to re-route will often hang up - or at the very least, be annoyed.

Branduin Business Support has business telecoms expertise so talk to us before anyone else regarding your telecoms and we'll most likely save you money.