Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Review your Website's Effectiveness

Next time you 'Google' your company, think how your potential customers might search for your main product or service - try it and see if you come up on page 1 or 2. If your business is mainly local, add a location (town, county) to your search and assess those results.

If you are appearing in the top five results, you need to check that Google hasn't applied 'personalized web search' (this is where Google gives you the results it determines that you want by analysing your previous browsing habits). There are many ways around this but two of the easiest ones are to search in another browser (e.g. if you usually use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, download a different one and use it for a 'clean' search) and the other is to ask someone else to try the search for you.

If you decide that you would like to improve search results, a Branduin website professional will perform a review to highlight the aspects of the content, back-code or other optimisation (SEO) that require attention. The initial review is free so why not get in touch? contact Branduin Business Support.