Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Grants available for Growth

Branduin Business Support has studied grant funding from the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) and from Growth Accelerator and our findings are summarised below:

Available to Small-Medium companies with fewer than 250 employees, MAS grants of up to £7,200 are designated to help manufacturing companies to grow, improve resource efficiency or to develop advanced manufacturing capabilities. The grants can be used to part-fund consultancy and training in marketing, sales and various other areas.

The Growth Accelerator funding programme is for companies in England planning to grow by at least 60% within the next three years. The programme includes in-house business coaching and business training workshops covering strategy, sales & marketing, change management, leadership, developing high growth teams and delivering customer value. Eligible companies will have the opportunity to obtain grant funding of £2,000 per manager for Leadership & Management development training.

Branduin is now able to help companies apply for grant funding for growth. We have business support specialists who will guide you through the application process.

MAS grants and places on the Growth Accelerator funding programme are limited therefore if you are be interested or require more information, please contact Branduin Business Support urgently. - tel. 020 3195 7988 - email