Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Introducing four of Branduin's many Consultants

Steve Forey, founder of Branduin, understands the challenges faced by business owners and managers - having set up and sold companies that he had developed into successful businesses.
He can - and does - apply his problem solving and creative thinking skills to clients' business and personal ambition dilemmas. Steve is a great communicator and has surrounded himself with a team of specialists to cover all aspects of business planning, marketing strategy, sales performance, staff issues, finance and so much more.

Nicola Ryall focusses on marketing and general business support through a team of specialists. Clients like her enthusiasm for carrying ideas forward. Her main skills are:
• Marketing strategy: immediate, medium and longer term;
• Words and images for clear, strong branding;
• Developing marketing leads into real sales;
• Print, production & fabrication

Jim Cowan develops high quality strategy and delivers strategy for excellence. Jim runs Cowan Global, a corporate strategy consultancy with clients from sport, charity, military, local authorities and the police. Jim has international and local experience and is a public speaker on all things Strategy.
• Mission, Vision, Values!
• Short, Medium and Long-term Planning;
• Vision-based Strategy and Issue based Strategy.

Roy O'Neil works with sales, marketing and executive teams to increase revenues and improve performance. Sales, marketing and business strategy issues that impact business development.
• Sales: improving selling skills, sales tools, processes
• Sales: training, coaching, mentoring
• Sales: developing a genuine USP
• Developing and aligning marketing and business strategy to win
• Facilitating sales, marketing and strategic planning workshops

Branduin Consultants each have their own range of specialist areas, including HR, comms, retail, finance, legal, facilities... plus a broad experience of running a company as each consultant is successfully managing their own business. Learn more about us at or pick up the 'phone and call 020 3195 7988.