Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Branduin Business Support Advisors

Introducing just a few of the Branduin Business advisors.

Janet Woodjetts is a specialist in the development of people and business, particularly effective interpersonal communication and the retail sector.
• Retail coaching & operational support
• Performance coaching – team & individual
• Management & leadership development programmes
& more... visit Janet on the Branduin website advisors' page.

Lee Walsingham specialises in training. Tailored to each client, training is interactive and enjoyable yet delivers on the essentials - positive improvements in the workplace.
• In-house training – tailored to your needs
• Coaching and mentoring
• Recruitment support
& more... visit Lee on the Branduin website advisors' page.

Dave Millet is an expert in telecoms and will help companies invest in the most appropriate telecoms, as an independent broker to help clients resolve issues such as:
• Improve customer service
• Support increasing mobility of employees
• Build in flexibility for expansion / contraction of organisations
• Provide a business continuity option or reduce telecoms costs.

Peter Ellis is an expert in improving operating processes, designing new business processes or upgrading existing ones to achieve the company's objectives, using proven methods to review, map, analyze, model and develop processes as appropriate.
• Business Process: Define, Map, Design, Optimize
• Performance: Measure, Control, Manage, Maintain
• Business Process Re engineering (BPR)

Branduin Business Support advisors each have their own range of specialist areas plus a broad experience of running a company as our consultants successfully manage their own businesses. Learn more about us at www.branduin.co.uk or pick up the 'phone and call 020 3195 7988.

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